Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • E&P Operators in the Woodford
  • E&P Operators in the Mississippi Lime
  • Prospective Mid-Continent E&P Operators
  • Crude Pipeline Companies
  • Refiners
  • Gas Gathering Companies
  • Gas Processing Companies
  • Gas Pipeline Companies
  • NGL Gathering Companies
  • NGL Pipeline Companies
  • Oil & Gas Research Organisations
  • Crude Oil Marketing
  • Gas & NGL Marketing

With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, COOs, VP's & Directors Of...

  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Midstream
  • Gas Processing
  • Mid-Continent
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Development
  • Market Development
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain


  • Crude Oil Marketing Services
  • Crude, Gas & NGL Marketing Services
  • Crude Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Engineering Services
  • Infrastructure Procurement Services, Oil & Gas
  • Pipe Supply, Oil & Gas
  • Corrosion Protection - Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Gas Compression Services
  • Oil & Gas Pump Maintenance
  • Crude Pipeline Monitoring
  • Crude Pipeline Maintenance

Sponsor or Exhibit

A tailored sponsorship package at one of our events provides a direct, cost effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objectives, including marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our individual Summit brands to work to your advantage.

To discuss the options in more detail please contact:

Andrew Barrett

1 (800) 721 3915




Mississippi Lime & Woodford Midstream Infrastructure 2014 brings together Senior Executives...

from E&P companies, pipeline operators and refiners currently active in the Mid-Continent to discuss the productive potential of the Mississippi Lime and Woodford.

Opportunities for gathering, processing and pipeline infrastructure build out will be examined and speakers will identify optimal prices for future crude, gas and NGL markets to maximize netbacks and keep the well heads flowing.

Brand New Agenda Content For The 2014 Initiative Includes:

  • MISSISSIPPI LIME & WOODFORD PRODUCTION FORECASTS: Analyzing current and future production levels of crude oil from the Cana Woodford and Mississippi Lime Northern/Central Oklahoma plays to quantify additional pipeline infrastructure required
  • CRUDE QUALITY & TAKEAWAY: Examining volume capacity, gravity/sulfur specifications, market direction and entry points of the latest crude pipeline projects to plan future well connectivity
  • REFINING & BLENDING: Setting out crude and condensate specifications now being accepted by Cushing and Gulf Coast refineries to plan blending and marketing strategies
  • RESIDUE GAS QUALITY: Exploring variations in nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide content in residue gas across the Mississippi Lime and how the liquid content of gas varies across the Woodford to identify the most profitable areas and scope for midstream infrastructure investment
  • RESIDUE GAS TAKEAWAY: Hearing the timelines, capacities and market destinations of new residue gas takeaway expansion projects in Oklahoma
  • GAS & NGL MARKETS: Delivering the latest updates on gas and NGL pipeline routes and takeaway capacity to identify optimal storage, fractionation and downstream market options
  • AGING & NEW PIPELINE UPDATES: Delivering the latest gas and NGL pipeline project updates including capacity, aging infrastructure re-development plans, entry points and downstream market options to plan future gas connectivity


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